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Madden Playoffs

Lombardi and Shula Divisions: 
All players will receive a participation medal after their final game of the season.

Madden Divisions:

After the 5th game of the season is completed for all Madden teams in your league, the top four ranked teams in each Madden division will be seeded #1 – #4 and will compete in a one-day playoff on the last week of the season.

Seed #1 will play Seed #4 and Seed #2 will play Seed #3 with the higher-seeded team being the home team. The winning teams from those two games will then advance to a Championship game that same afternoon! 

If there are more than 4 teams in the division, the remaining teams will play against another team based on parity (ex, 5th place vs 6th place, 7th place vs 8th place).  Because of the playoff system, we have eliminated participation awards for our Madden divisions, and only the 1st and 2nd place teams will receive awards. 

All these games will be added to the schedule and posted by the Tuesday before the final weekend of games. 

Here are a few general rules for playoffs: 
In each Madden division, teams will be ranked based on wins and losses. If there is a tie on wins/losses, the tiebreaker will be based on the point differential for each team. This will determine the overall rankings for the teams within the division. 

These games cannot end in a tie. Should there be a tie at the end of regulation, we will adhere to the following overtime procedure to get a winner. 
• The coin toss will determine possession. The team that did not call the opening coin toss has the choice to take the ball first or defend first. 
• Each team will have the option to go for a one or two-point conversion. Both teams will drive into the same end zone.  
• If an interception occurs, the play is ruled dead, and a change of possession will occur. 
• If both teams are forced to go into a second overtime, both teams must go for two points. 
• If the game is still tied after two overtimes, it will proceed to a sudden death overtime format. 
o A coin toss determines possession. 
o The ball will be spotted at the 5-yard line. Teams will be driving toward midfield. 
o Each team will receive two plays to go as far as they can.  
o The team that gains the most yards, wins. 
o If tied after Sudden Death, the process will be repeated.  
o Interceptions cannot be returned. 
o If there is an interception on a team’s first play attempt, this will result in zero yards total for that team, they will not get a 2nd play  attempt.  
o If there is an interception on a team’s second play attempt, this will result in zero yards for that attempt, but the team’s yardage on the  first play attempt will be counted.